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Party Room Rental Registration and Deposit

You MUST call first to confirm date & time availability

Our goal at Klay Crazy Ceramics is to help you enjoy your event along with your guests.  We will supply you with a clean relaxed environment with paints and supplies.  As well as room for guests, presents, decorations and celebrations.  We hope you find the following information helpful.

  • The Party Room Rents for $40.00 + tax for 3 hours **  Total is $44.00
  • The Party Room seats 6-8 with a Maximum of 10  people in the room at a time.
  • You may Pre-Arrange to come in 30 minutes early to decorate and set up for the party as schedule allowes. 
  • You are encouraged to Choose ahead or Pre-order your pieces for the party, as soon as possible, as items are first come first serve. 
  • We do all the clean-up after the party***

*   Deposit is applied to Room Fee.  In case of cancelation deposit will be refunded unless notice is not recieved at least 24 hours before the Reservation Date/Time.

**   Parties extending past their allotted time will be billed at $20 per half hour. Parties starting before open hours must be pre-arranged and will be billed acordingly.

***   Clean-up is included in the room rental, however because we supply food waste and recycling containers, excessive garbage will be billed @ $5.00 a bag.

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