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Pottery Wheel for Rent - by the hour

Please call ahead to schedule a time & date for your session.

  • We need 1 day notice to reserve teh wheel or clay room.
  • Must have advanced experience using wheel!
  • Rental of the wheel by the hour!  Wheel use is $10.00 an hour (Clay, trimming &  firing is purchased seperately)
  • Clay is purchased in 2 lb ($5.00), 12.5 lb ($7.50) & 25 lb ($15.00) plugs.
  • Firing for all thrown pottery is as follows.  1/2 shelf $7.50, Full shelf $15.00, Full Kiln $40.00
  • Trimming or Footing your pots is billed in 15 minute incriments at $10.00 an hour.
    • ie: 15 minutes = $2.50.
  • Everyone MUST clean their wheel after EVERY use!  There will be a $25.00 cleaning fee if this is not done.  Those found mistreating the wheels or others pottery will be banned from using the wheels permanently.