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What type of paint is better in the garden, fired or non fired?
By: JoAnn ~ 7/17/2015

Summer is here and that means more time to paint, play and have fun.  We are having fun making things for the garden. Mushrooms, bird houses, frogs, fairies and so much more!

You and many others are worried about your pieces breaking or fading in the sun.  I am asked daily what paint is the best for he garden.. well my answer is Both!

Using fired glaze is beautiful in that it holds its color forever, and  Non fired Acrylic is great because if/when it begins to fade or chip (weed whackers/ lawn mowers happen) it is very easy to re paint, touch up and patch them.
All items left out side in the summer are fine, and will rarely have problems, that being said nothing should be left out in winter.  When the weather gets colder, the moisture in your piece will cause the piece to shatter, flake and crumble (water expands when it freezes).

This happens with fired and non fired paints.  No matter what we use to seal our pieces, water gets in.  we cannot stop nature.  So it is always best to put ceramic items in the garage or basement BEFORE it freezes.  if you take it in the day it gets to freezing, it will not have time to dry before the cold gets there and even in a sheltered area, the piece may freeze.  Keeping your pieces off the wet soil also helps to keep moisture to a minimum.

So, paint your garden pieces with whatever kind of paint you like, and know that it will last and be beautiful for years to come as long as you take it in in the winter and wash it before you store it.

And of course  don't take a lawnmower or weed whacker to it.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you find this information helpful.  If you would like to hear about something in particular, please shoot me an  email and I will do my best to blog about it.

Happy Painting!